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I would like to say Thank You for all you have done for me since my divorce case began. Looking back, I know at times I was inpatient and frustrated and that must have made you feel bad and for that I must apologize. You have shown me nothing but kindness and understanding. You have done an exceptional job and now I can see how much detail, information, and energy went into this lengthy divorce case. Thank you again Eleonore.

  Victoria Hayden

For over 10 years I have been a client of Community Legal Aid. I come to this office for any legal matter. This is a ONE STOP SERVICE OFFICE. Mrs. Dutkus is excellent, very knowledgeable. My wife and I and my whole family are clients. We also recommend her to all of our friends. We are very satisfied with her work.

  Raul & Norih Araujo

"Great Service! Eleonore has a lot of experience and is very responsible. I recommend her and her office anytime."

  Elodia Navarro

"Eleonore is an excellent professional. Besides her work she is a great person that cares about her clients helping them get the best results in their cases. She helped me in my divorce in 2005."

  Gloria Raya

"I have known and worked with Eleonore Dutkus for almost 23 years. I have found her to be extremely competent and professional to her clients and other professionals she works with . The work she does for her clients is of the highest quality. She is the most competent Paralegal in the field. I would highly recommend her to any client or other professional."

  Kevin Patrick Kelley, Esq.

"I think Eleonore is the best woman I have ever met. I admire her. She is smart and she does the best job! I recommend her office to a lot of people!!"

  Martha Villasenor

"We are very satisfied with her work. Her office is very professional. Eleonore is fast and very effective!!."

  Salvador & Dulce Vargas

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